Terms and Conditions

Delivery and pick-up are included in the rental price.
To secure your reservation please fax or call us with a credit card number.

Our telephone number: (011) 297-582-6651. Fax: (011) 297-5826567. Or mail us your creditcard number via our secure mail address: labcolabcomed@yahoo.com.


If for any reason this reservation is canceled within 24 hours of the arrival-date, a 1(one) day rental fee will be charged.

All damages to the rental products that occur during the rental period will be charged to your credit card, therefore
please check your product(s) on receipt of such.

All products will be picked up at 2 p.m. on the day of departure.
If that time limit is exceeded a 1(one) day extra rental fee will be charged to your credit card.

If any further assistance is needed while in Aruba, please contact us 24/7 at (297) 582 – 6651

Important reservation info for all clients.

Please read this carefully.
On receiving your request we will confirm your reservation within 24 hours. You will then receive your confirmation number
& all further information needed.

Where will I pickup my rental.

On arrival at your hotel or pls call us immediately 24/7 at tel: (297) 592-8654, or during office hours Monday -Friday from 9.00am-5.00p.m. at tel: (297) 582-26651

We will deliver the equipment immediately. Please be sure to fill in your time of arrival on the reservation sheet for us to give you the utmost of service on your arrival. You can also call us from the airport to expedite the service. Please check the equipment on acceptance of such.

On delivery of the equipment to you personally, you will be completely informed by our specialist on the workings and care of the equipment. Thereafter, you can always contact us at Tel: (297) 582-6651 during working hours (9.00am-5.00p.m) Monday – Fridays, or 24/7 Tel: (297) 592-8654 for further assistance.

Is there a deposit for the rental of the equipment.

No, but on signing the rental agreement you accept all responsibilities for all damages to the rental equipment, outside of normal wear and tear while
the equipment is in your possession.

What happens if the equipment breaks down.

You should call us immediately during office hours at (297) 582-6651 from 9.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m Monday – Friday or 24/7 at Tel: (297) 592-8654 and we will replace the equipment immediately with a substitute.

Charge-life batteries  of scooters.

After a complete charge the scooter can be used for at least 10 hours. Depending on the weight of the client, Each scooter comes with a Free charger. Recommended is to charge the battery during the evening hours.

Can you pickup your DME equipment at our store?

Yes we would appreciate your visit very much and welcome you to our store, to see our large variation of the DME products. However we do deliver our
equipment to all the hotels, resorts, malls, airport and private addresses on our island  Free of Charge. Pls note that we
are not allowed to deliver our products inside the airport arrival  and departure terminal or on board of the airplanes
due to security laws, but we can make arrangements with the airport authority medical service to do so.

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